Hello! I’m Dani, a self-described obsessive traveler, avid reader, language learner, game player, English teacher, linguistics researcher, beer drinker, puzzle lover, dog owner, list maker, over-thinker, equality seeker. I’m currently in the process of living out my expat dreams, and I want to share what I learn along the way.

Me 2
VWs & snacks made up my childhood.

A few details about me… I’m from Chicago, IL, but have lived more than half my life just north of Atlanta, GA. I’m married to my best friend, Tucker Rose, and we’ve been together basically forever. He features often in my writings, along with our travels. I’m lucky enough to have seen all 50 US states before I graduated high school, and now I’m crossing countries off my list. But more than just traveling abroad, I like living abroad. Last year Tucker and I lived in Łódź, Poland, and now we live in Hefei, China. Where will we end up next? I honestly have no idea, but that’s what makes it so much fun!