Tucker and I are often asked “how many countries have you been to?”. Surprisingly, we are always slow to come up with a number, so for all those who are interested (and for our own tracking purposes), here is the master list of “countries” we have been to together in the order in which we visited them:

The United States – Canada – The Netherlands – Finland – The US Virgin Islands – Puerto Rico – The Bahamas – China – South Korea – Poland – Norway – Portugal – Spain – Italy – Vatican City – Belgium – The Czech Republic – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Belarus – Iceland – The United Kingdom – Ireland – Sweden – North Macedonia – Slovakia – Hungary – Austria – Germany – Ukraine – Mongolia – Thailand – Cambodia – Hong Kong – Australia – Macau – The Philippines – Singapore – Malaysia – Taiwan – Japan – Mexico

Total 43

While, of course, we love visiting new countries, we’ve also come to love exploring one country over time, as expats. To me the list above seems a bit incomplete because while, yes, we’ve touched ground, eaten, and slept (those being my criteria for actually having “been there” – no airports count!) in those places, we’ve actually focused on exploring the various regions and cities of the countries we’ve called “home” as well:

United States: 1990-2015; 2020

I’ve already been to all 50 US states, but since our lists (and my blog posts) focus on the places Tucker and I have been together, for now, we can only include 27 states (plus Washington DC). Trips back home are going to start getting a little more exciting I think.

US States Map as of 2020

US States as of 2020

Poland: 2015-2016

We only lived in Łódź for one year, but we did our best to see the variety that Poland has to offer! 9 out of 16 voivodeships visited.

voivodeships 5


China: 2017-2019

China is a massive country, and two years isn’t even close to enough time to see everything! Luckily we lived in Hefei, a pretty centrally located city, and we were able to visit 20 out of 33 provinces/regions.



Mexico: 2021-present

It’s a work in progress, for sure, but so far we’re at 8 out of 32 states…