Fun Florida Facts (and Opinions) – Things we’ve learned from our unexpected FL time

Quarantine Endeavors – Things to do when stuck inside

Ruminating on Returning – Possible redemption trips in our future

3o Lessons I’ve Learned in My 30 Years – A record of important things to keep in mind

Florida Adventures – Our excursions in the Sunshine State

Country Curiosities – Fun facts about 24 lesser-known nations

A Year of 30 Day Challenges – My new take on New Years resolutions

Viva La Mexico – Comparing three awesome cities in Mexico

A Bit Different, Eh? – Our first observations in Canada

America in Ten Words – What makes America, America?

So What’s Next? – Updates on what Tucker and I are doing after China

Eating Our Way Through Japan – Review of the amazing foods we tried in Japan

Traveling and Learning – Our travels (and lessons) from Aug. 2017 to July 2019

Student Perspectives: To Me China Is ______ – Writings from my students

New Skills Brought to Us by Life in China – Unique set of skills we’ve picked up in the last two years spent in China

Things We’ll Miss Most About China – A to Z of the things we’ll miss most when we leave

Asian Island Adventures – Highlights from our trip to Macau/HK, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia

China Bucket List – Nearing the End – 25 things we checked off our China bucket list

China: A Place Full of Misconceptions – Some new perspectives I gained from living and working in China

Our Packing Process – Quick tips for packing light

Language Woes – Struggles with learning Mandarin

We’re in China! Round Two: Updates on what we’re doing in China for year two

Re-learning the American Way – Evidence of our own reverse culture shock

Laughs and Lessons – Funny stories and lessons we learned after a year in China

That Was Unexpected! As Was That… My parents found out what China is really like

A Tale of Two Cities – A comparison of Hefei, China and Lodz, Poland

Chinese Food: Where’s the Sesame Chicken?! – Our favorite “real” Chinese dishes

Southeast Asia and Chinese New Year – Highlights from our trip to Thailand, Cambodia, HK, and Guangzhou

Progress Report – Updates after 6 months in China

Holiday Season in Hefei, China! – How the winter holidays are celebrated in the East

Top 8 Underrated Travel Destinations – Some of my favorite places to visit

Living in China: Daily Differences – How our every day lives changed in China

The Land of Chinggis and Cheese – Highlights from our trip to Mongolia

Golden Week Musings – How National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are celebrated in China

First(ish) Impressions of China and Its People – Our thoughts after just arriving in China

We’re in China! Now What Are We Doing? – Why we moved to China in the first place

Reactions and Expectations: China – Thoughts and observations as we prepared to leave for China

My Top 15 Travel Photos – Some of my favorite travel photos (2017 edition)

I’m Officially Blogging Now – Where it all began!

My Posts from Poland – 10 posts (linked from Facebook) about our year spent in Lodz, Poland