I’m Officially Blogging Now

It seems the time has finally come. For some reason, I had been fighting the inevitability of having an actual blog site, but now I realize this might just be the best (and easiest) way to share my experiences during this next phase abroad. If we have the pleasure of being friends on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen the evolution of my makeshift “blogging”, which came in the form of photo captions, wall posts, and eventually Facebook “Notes”; however, each of those came with a slew of issues, including but not limited to lack of visibility, consistency, and ease. Therefore, here I am with my very own domain name and a place to post all my thoughts, experiences, and reflections.

So that’s the plan! Just like in Poland, I’m hoping to post at least once a month about some aspect of our lives abroad. The topics will vary (mostly according to my whims), but I’m putting this out here from the start: I’d love to get questions and/or suggestions from you! They can really help guide the blog, and I always find them extremely interesting! Also, in an effort to keep everything consistent (and also because I’m a bit OCD and just want all my writings in one place), I’ve already created a post on this site called “My Posts from Poland” where I’ve included links to all ten of my writings from last year (viewable to all via Facebook). Feel free to check them out if you’re interested! And be on the lookout for more posts in the near future!

2 thoughts on “I’m Officially Blogging Now

  1. Yav

    I’m really excited to read your posts! As for suggestions, please posts a lot of pics!
    (I miss the time when you were our academic writing teacher, your class was always so fun! I’m already jealous of the people you will be teaching in China haha)

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    1. Dani Francuz Rose

      Thank you!! I hope my time in China will be able to live up to my time in Poland (the bar has been set extremely high!), but no matter what, one thing is certain, I will definitely post tons of pictures! 🙂


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